Hi-Tech Takes Farming to New Heights at International Green Week 2018


Although technology has been at the heart of modern farming, the industry that ensure humanity is alive, farming, is about to enter a whole new level, as visitors to the International Green Week 2018 taking place in Berlin, Germany, from January 19 to 28 will witness multimedia experience with the help of augmented reality and colour selection in farming.

With over 50 exhibitors on the ‘Farm Experience’ stands alone, offering a fascinating experience, the Farm Experience presents a multimedia focus at modern farming, and promises experiences and new knowledge for visitors that will boost their capacities in farming like never before.

Visitors from Nigeria and Africa can register for the International Green Week 2018 at http://www.fairpros.com/fairs/international-green-week-berlin/

A statement by the organisers of the International Green Week, Messe Berlin, says “next year an area featuring several displays will be set up in the middle of Hall 3.2, where visitors can find out about the various aspects of livestock husbandry, plant protection and hi-tech farming methods.”

Indeed, hardly any other sector speaks to the senses in so many different ways as today’s farming industry. It is a source of fascination, the vehicle of campaigns and ensures people’s livelihoods. Its mainstays are the farmers, consumers, industry and commerce.

“For the first time the individual parts will be presented as a whole to the visitors of the Farming Experience in Hall 3.2 at the International Green Week Berlin, which will take place from 19 to 28 January 2018,” the statement added.

“The Farming Experience is organised by Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft (FORUM) and more than 50 partners in agriculture. Together, they will ensure visitors can find out more about modern agriculture and enjoy a close-up experience at the Green Week. The Farming Experience is fun and offers a contemporary look behind the scenes of a fascinating industry.

“With the help of augmented reality visitors can enjoy a realistic and close-up experience of day-to-day modern farming at the Green Week. For example, a stable, shed or sty will suddenly spring to life in front of visitors’ eyes. By choosing a particular colour visitors can flip between the standpoints of the farmer, consumer or industry and commerce.

“The aim is to provide visitors with new insights, food for thought and promote understanding and dialogue between farmers and consumers,” they further explained.

Lea Fließ, managing director of FORUM stated: “Traditionally, the Farming Experience has been a major attraction at the Green Week, and naturally we want to offer visitors something special again in 2018. We will be taking an entertaining and innovative approach to the fascinating issue of what the farming industry will look like in the future, an industry that will be successful, ecologically sustainable and fully in tune with society.“

‘Farming Scouts’ promote face-to-face dialogue with visitors

The ’Farming Scouts’ have become an integral part of the Farming Experience’s success. They are farmers, students of Agriculture, farming industry consultants or employees who take part in in-depth discussions with visitors. Face-to-face meetings provide visitors with an authentic, first-hand insight into the world of agriculture.

About the Farming Experience

The Farming Experience lets visitors taste, sense and marvel at what today’s farming industry has to offer. Numerous displays provide an authentic insight into modern livestock husbandry, plant production, fertilisation and other innovative technology.

The aim of this format is to promote a dialogue between citizens and modern farmers, particularly in urban areas. Among the sponsors of the Farming Experience is Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.

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